Lost Person Behavior Course

Course Description

book KoesterLost person behavior is the basis of search and rescue missions. This course will present the most recent advances in lost person behavior with Robert Koester’s latest research, and new behavior categories crucial to solving the mystery of where to look for a lost person.

  • Study planning and operational considerations for managing search resources
  • Learn about dozens of missing person category specifics
  • Use actual search mission table-top exercises to apply learning points

Professionally presented classroom sessions will incorporate table-top exercises. These exercises are designed to allow students to practice and develop efficient deployment strategies for search resources. Participants will go in to details of actual search missions and the profiles of different groups, in addition to hands-on experience with creating reflex tasks and focused investigation questions. From abductions to lost workers, subjects with dementia, aircraft and more, a total of 41 different subject categories will be presented.


  • Target Audience: Search managers, Law enforcement professionals, First responders
  • Class Time: 16 hours - inside
  • Required equipment: highlighters, pens, pencils
  • Course Fee: TBD
  • NEXT CLASS: classes being conducted as part of ESCAPe & TACTICS conferences in WV 2013. Contact us to schedule a class for your personnel.

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"Our skills, organization, volunteers and equipment help(ed) lead to the safe location of the child. We used the behavior book and the child was located 1.5 miles from home well in the parameters of the book. This class really helped us out with a successful outcome. Thanks."
Chris M. - Marion County, WV HSEM