Intermediate Land Navigation


art-land-navCourse Description

We will pick up where we left off in the Basic Land Navigation class. After a classroom review, the majority of the two-day course will be spent outside with practical field exercises to improve your ability to use topographic maps in conjunction with a compass. The combination of these resources and the skills taught in this course will give you a confident boost in your navigational skills regardless of the reasons you might find yourself off-trail.  

  • Use compass to determine and plot bearing or azimuth on a map
  • Section / resection & triangulation
  • Plotting MGRS / USNG / UTM coordinates
  • Route planning and execution by ded reckoning and terrain association
  • Day & Night Land Navigation exercises

The majority of class time is spent outside putting to use the concepts you learn in professionally presented classroom sessions. We will have a good time while practicing map and compass techniques for navigating accurately on and off-trail.


  • Target Audience: S.A.R. volunteers, Military operators (O.C.S., W.O.C.S., SFAS and other elite forces selection candidates, Law Enforcement professionals, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Hunters, you
  • Class Time : Course will start at 9am on Saturday and end at 4pm on Sunday
  • Required material: Flashlight, outdoor clothing (compass & grid plotter optional) Eye protection recommended for night navigation
  • Course Fee: $160
  • NEXT CLASSApril 9-10, 2016  in Christiansburg, Virginia

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Intermediate Land Navigation