Al Cire

Al CireAl has been a Conservation Officer with the VA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation since 1989. Currently serving as Operations Coordinator for the Division of Natural Heritage he manages Natural Area Preserves across western VA where he is able to apply tracking skills frequently.

Al received a BS in Wildlife Conservation in 1984 from the University of MD. His lifelong interest in tracking developed while growing up and hunting on Maryland’s eastern shore. Al’s formal tracking education began in 1999 with VA Field Team Signcutter and has since included classes from:

  • Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services Tracking Classes
  • William Bodziak (FBI retired)
  • David Scott-Donelan, Scott Donelan Tracking School
  • Charles Worsham, Nature and Vision School

Cire VDOC-tactical-aug08Al Cire has instructed numerous law enforcement officers in Firearms, Defensive Tactics and Tracking. He has also served as a Field Team Signcutter assistant instructor and a volunteer instructor with VA Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries teaching Animal Tracking and Hunter Education.

He is an active member of:

Al trains with both groups regularly and participates in missing person searches. Al was also cast as a tracking team member in the Red Brick Entertainment TV show, “The Chase: Trackdown” aired on Court TV in 2005.