Rick Christ

Rick Christ is a highly rated instructor in various Emergency Services disciplines, including Search and Rescue, Land Navigation, Lost Person Behavior, Incident Management, and firefighting. He enjoys making learning fun and effective!

“Rick is a very knowledgeable, energetic instructor, when it comes to Search and Rescue. He has the ability to make people around him better.” – Mason Copeland, Lieutenant, Suffolk, VA Fire and Rescue

Rick is also a Department of Homeland Security Master Exercise Practitioner, and has planned, conducted and evaluated dozens of readiness exercises to improve resilience to all hazards. After joining the Virginia SAR community in 1999, he became an instructor for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s Search and Rescue program in 2005. He specializes in developing field team members and leaders.

“Rick is a true team player and leader. His instructional style creates an enthusiastic learning environment. Rick's most admirable talent is his ability to quickly get different individuals and agencies to happily work together during an emergency situation. His excellent listening skills and humor is an invaluable asset. He is able to assess each individual’s strengths and talents, allowing each person to apply their own skills and thrive as part of a team.”  - Jennifer Pennington, former student.