GPS for the Technically Challenged

Course Description

Whether your department purchased a new GPS, you got one because everybody else has one, or you would like to enter a geocache coordinate and “go to there”. This course introduces basic functions of GPS receivers and how to use them to do the following tasks.

  • How GPS works
  • Marking waypoints
  • Plug in coordinate and go to location
  • Lat/Lon and UTM/MGRS coordinate systems
  • Integrating GPS use with map navigation
  • Recording travels as a track line
  • Upload search area / track line from map software
  • Download track line into mapping software

This course is taught by Rob Speiden, whose technological expertise is combined with outdoor experience to produce an excellent course on the use of GPS technology. Rob has taught GPS courses to emergency service professionals, sheriff’s officers, search and rescue volunteers and the general public.


  • Target Audience: Fire Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, SAR Organizations, Boy Scouts, Hunters, you
  • Time Required: 5 to 16 hours
  • Required material: your own GPS
  • Course Fee:  depends on length of class
  • NEXT CLASS: We currently do not have a class scheduled. We would be happy to conduct a class for your personnel in your area - see "Sponsoring a navigation course" pdf file below for more information on setting up a custom course.

PDF Course Flyer

PDF for Sponsoring a Navigation Course

PDF for Customizing a One-on-One Course

"Thank you for all of you knowledge transfer and help with navigation last weekend. I had a lot of fun over the three days, and it really reinforced things and refreshed some of what I know. I took away a lot of information, and I really enjoyed your method of teaching. It's so much easier to learn by experience and have a small class so that the instructor can individually help the students."
Christie H. - M.A.D.O.G.S