Search and Rescue – First Responder

SAR litter carryresponderCourse Description

This course is designed for law enforcement and emergency services personnel who are the first responders to a search and rescue (SAR) incident. The intent of the course is to provide enough tools to adequately evaluate an incident and to take appropriate initial actions. 

First Responders are instructed in aspects of search and rescue (SAR) operations by exploring the following subjects:

  • Defining the search area
  • Containment
  • Lost person behavior
  • Specialized resources
  • track tent preserve
  • Land Navigation
  • Search operations and tactics
  • Clue Awareness for Search Teams
  • Patient packaging and evacuation
  • Suspending the search
  • Short search simulation


The basics of search planning and tactical operations are presented. Specialized resources and their appropriate use are discussed. Students will need to be prepared to be outside both days.


  • Target Audience: SAR organizations
  • Time Required:
  • Required material:
  • Course Fee: provided upon request

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"Thank you for your quick response. I really appreciated your patient explanation of map and compass work"
Black B. - Virginia

"The Land Navigation and Orienteering Course was excellent. As an Instructor myself it was a great opportunity to work in an unfamiliar territory on such an intensive course. I was impressed with how well the class was designed and the fact that we spent so little time in the classroom. I wanted to improve my skills and increase my proficiency. Your class far exceeded my expectations. I plan on coming back again just because it was so much fun. Thanks for a great class!"
Randall B. - Appalachian Professional Tracking Group, Inc.