Basic Animal Tracking

Course Description

otter track in mudWhat made that track, scat or other disturbance? Discover the many mysteries of the creatures that inhabit nature. This class will increase your awareness of and ability to find and interpret tracks and sign left behind by mammals, insects, birds and more.


  • Learn to identify animal species by footprints
  • Understand how to interpret animal movement patterns and speed
  • Enjoy recognizing animal sign such as rubbing, scratching, scat, bites, beds, territorial markings and more

We will split the time between professional classroom powerpoint presentations and going outside to see animal tracks and sign in their natural environment. Be prepared to walk a mile or two off trail each day. With the class size limited to 10, you will have plenty of one-on-one time with renowned animal tracking Instructor Ashley Lewis - a certified Cybertracker Track & Sign Interpreter. Lodging and meals not provided, but local camping areas and hotel information will be provided upon registration.

  • Target Audience: Hikers, Hunters, Outdoor Enthusiasts, YOU
    • Minors must have a paying adult accompany them
  • Class Time: Class will start at 9am on Saturday and end at 4pm on Sunday
  • Required equipment: outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather
  • Course Fee: $160
  • NEXT CLASS: July 15-16, 2017 in Christiansburg, Virginia

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Basic Animal Tracking


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